A message from the acting commissioner:

Hello and welcome to my humble project drum.group! As you can see above, I am the acting commissioner of this organization. There is an emphasis on the word “acting” as I am only filling in the role until a more experienced individual is available to take the reigns. Commissioner is not the only role that I currently fill, and I am looking forward to a day in the near future that I can amend this paragraph to reflect my single job as a captain of a franchise or even just a member of a group. Until then, I am the web developer, graphic designer, visionary, rule arbitrator, franchise consultant, secretary, chief financial officer, marketing executive, and commissioner. 
Enough about me, as you must be wondering what drum.group is all about! This is an all-inclusive music league focusing on the first-dimension of music: Rhythm! Everybody is a part of rhythm one way or another, athletes depend on rhythmic timing, cooks need to time things precisely, workers of many jobs find efficiency when tapping into the flow-state. What drum.group is about is brining people together to both enhance their rhythmic ability and to compete amongst themselves as a way to motivate each other.
Although this project is just in it’s infancy, the part that stops most people in the music performance industry from iterating this very idea is the technology behind it. From social network web programming to media production and event coordination, we are already finished with those complex and tedious aspects. There are things that we can work to improve, but we now have a website ready to accept an influx of interested members, leaders, and sponsors. The only other difficult part of this project is to attract those groups and individuals that use the platform for learning and healthy competition. This is where you come in! No matter how you’ve discovered us, I encourage you to create a profile! You don’t need any music experience to be a part of this unique ecosystem. Cheers!
-Mich Muller