Do you have what it takes to make a cool sound, jam on a cool rhythm, or create a beat? Learn more about the opportunities available to free-agents who want to join a in their area. If there isn’t a group where you live, you can start your own or join one of the satellite groups hosted on our platform. Reach out if you have any questions and don’t hesitate to create an account!


If you are a musician playing any type of instrument, you are in high demand! There are many jobs that need to be filled in franchises across the country and within the platform itself. Below are some examples:


One must not be an experienced musician to play an integral part of a There are important parts of music that require little to no training, yet are equally important to the creation of music. Whether it fills the role of playing a steady boom on a bass drum, or the occasional crash cymbal at the climax. PerhapsĀ  your strengths lay in organizational or instrumental engineering. We can use your strengths while teaching you how to apply them as a drummer and visual performer.